Living alone – a free agent

Some of us are in relationships some fulfilling, others distressing. On the other hand some of us are living alone some having a fulfilling life, others overcome by loneliness. Nevertheless living alone can be peaceful because we are responsible for our own needs and maybe that of plants and pets. This means quite often that we do what we want when we want and how we want. That sounds pretty good apart from those few moments when loneliness reminds us of our need to live with another.

I thank my stars that I only have to worry about me
and my fish and cat and two plants
my grandkids bring me joy too, when we see each other!
Every day I do what I want when I want
trying to be healthy in my choices
at times my friends and I are drawn to watching what I call
humorous, romantic, codependent drivel!
and that is fun but I do miss living with another person
in a loving relationship, that is
nevertheless living alone is my choice for now
and until Im ready to take that other step again
Im enjoying the benefits of being a free agent!


4 thoughts on “Living alone – a free agent”

  1. Hi, was wondering if you have any links to information regarding coping on your own? I’m finding it very difficult and could use some help.


  2. Bravo!!
    Great site.
    Very open and informative. Especially on living alone and relationship checklist!

    Kenneth, Palm Springs, CA

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