Feeling lonely can be depressing – even when there are loved ones in our lives and worse when we crave for a non-existent lover, a companion. That feeling of loneliness can hook in self pity, sorrow, and sometimes even despair. The main thing to remember is that the feeling of loneliness is part of our repertoire of emotions which makes us passionate human beings – alive and thriving at that. It also prepares us to unite with that special other when the opportunity arises, for if we did not feel the loneliness why else would we want to connect with others.

as I complete some major tasks and then relax
I notice that I am missing something
surrounded by family and friends feels happy
but something is missing and
loneliness raises its ugly head!
I tell it “It’s OK, love is just around the corner
settle down and be prepared or it may pass us by”
feeling chirpy I busy myself once more
nevertheless, reminding myself to be open for love
when it knocks on the door!

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