Love and music keeps us alive

949401_love_is_music.jpgNo matter how happy we are living alone we need love and music to keep us alive and happy. Notice how feelings change when we put music on. When the music is adagio, the heart warms and the serotonin is released making us relax. The same applies to other music such as some Chopin or Mozart, once played in psychiatric wards to calm the patients. Heavy metal music although popular with some youth, I found creates hostile behaviour. Romantic and country music may create more depression in lonely or depressed people. Admittedly, there are some who are affected differently than others. Nevertheless, one of most healing processes is love with soothing music or even Latin American – think of how many times the tune ‘Sway‘ has been popular over the decades.

as I spent many hours studying
sometimes bored, sometimes stressed
I put on some classical music to calm me
one such CD was Mozart and one melody in particular
grabbed my heart, figuratively speaking,
like no other had ever done before
in checking it out, it was one of his adagio melodies
more research with other composers resulted in
discovering more adagio pieces with the same result
so I decided that something that could bring out
loving feelings similar to what chocolate or a lover does
deserves to be my surname
what better way to choose a name!

3 thoughts on “Love and music keeps us alive”

  1. I can’t find any hint of derision at other types of music, in the story of Affies name.

    Perhaps Dave oould listen to the radio for free. Lots of different genres of music are on different stations. Music certainly adds to the beauty of life.

  2. I really love music of all genres and styles, and I mean ALL styles. But I recently looked at my bank account balance to find I had spent way too much on music downloads and CDs. How can I still listen to great music from different genres without going bankrupt or going all illegal???

  3. Great post. Music and love are two of the greatest joys in life. Music can affect you emotional state that is for sure. It can relax you or move you are get you fired up! It’s powerful. I certainly don’t think any one type of music is bad as you hinted at, it will effect everyone in different ways. After all they used to call some classical music evil…ha ha!!

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