Love and sex addict

Candles in love, photo by Nevit Dilmen, Istanbul, Tukey,  loving relationshipsIf you need to ask “am I a love and sex addict?” then you are, because if you are not then you know it clearly. A love addict, like anyone afflicted with any other addiction, is searching for the “high” from a relationship with another. They are obsessed with the thought of how good they feel in their company and having sex, to the extent that when they are apart they cannot think of anything else. This usually leads to clingy and jealous behaviour quite often accompanied by feelings of rejection. Then their feelings swing back up to unhealthy heights and not always together. A functional loving relationship has ups and downs but not extremes.

Veronica seemed contented as she told me
about her marriage of 4 years
as a person with unpleasant past relationships
she had been terribly hurt and because of
her love addiction had previously attracted
such painful relationships
so as we ticked off the positives about
her marriage and 3 children
she couldn’t believe she had found happiness
and was always expecting something to go wrong
then she realised that this was the same
when she first gave up drinking
with doubts about her sobriety, if it would last?
this helped her to realise it was the
cunning process of addiction which
plays tricks on your mind to tempt
you back to the old ways
so she went off to enjoy her success
which she had earned

2 thoughts on “Love and sex addict”

  1. Im glad I found this site. My boyfriend is a sex addict. He is addicted to porn/videos/mags/phone sex…..We of course have been through rough times and he is now decided he cant do it on his own he needs counselling –his 2nd appt is mon(tomorrow). He is also attending meetings. I love him enough to stay with him through this…he is worth it to me but I am also scared. He has lied and hidden things so much in the past Im scared to trust it will not happen again. We are both 30 yrs old and I want a family and future with this man but realize he must work through this first….How did your wife handle it? How can you not take it personally(her) even though I know its not against me. Im trying to understand but he also tells me he cannot masturbate and do the above things on his own but…can if we are together doing it.?? Is this right..or should he stay away from all that. I do not know enough about this addiction to know the boundaries or warning signs. Hopefully this site and the other sites related to recovery will help me to understand….appreciate any advice or info…thx .

  2. I need help,

    My boyfriend of 2 years has been making me feel very uncomfortable every time we go out and we are both drinking it always end up as a fight because we are both stubborn and get extremely jealous of each other. I know the best thing is to break up but I really love him and I don’t think there is life without him.

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