Mind Power

There is nothing supernatural about the power of the mind – it is a phenomenon which is part of being a human being. We want something more than anything else in the world – we call it a wish or a dream or a goal or an aim, whichever school of thought we belong to. Next we assess how realistic our situation is and whether what we wish for can be achieved. Even if it appears hopeless we then visualise the object of our attention and continue on with our lives. Eventually the mind power works and to our amazement things just fall into place and we get what we asked for. This is because we are primed to accept whatever is offered when opportunity knocks on the door and one thing leads to another.

where are we going Nana?
children I am taking you on a visualisation exercise
what is that Nana?
we will visit these new apartments overlooking the city
but Nana do you have that much money to buy one of these?
no darlings but I will see an apartment I like, then imagine that I
am living in it and eventually it will happen or something similar
one way or another, it has happened in the past to me and others
that is Mind Power or visualisation, you’ll see!

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