Missing Malaysian flight 370 Spin Dialectic

malaysia-airlines-737An  excited and humorous dialogue ensued once I published my post

Malaysian Airplane 370 missing plane not in sea

[it should have read aeroplane or flight, before some pedantic takes this post off on a different tangent]

This I hope will lead to a viral dialectic, who knows, it’s a laugh I promise? Here is the beginning sent by me in sms to family and friends:

Me: Check my latest post on “Malaysian Airplaine 370  not in sea” in case they take me away so you know where I’ve gone www.affie.com.au

Tina (daughter): Hahaha

Me: Did you read it Tina?

Gaby (granddaughter): I did, I don’t think you’ll get taken for it

Me: What a relief emoji happy face with sunglasses (cool)

Tina: Imagine my surprise to see your sms without having read your post. Now I have read it and feel relieved there was a logical explanation to your fears. I wouldn’t worry cause they would have to find you first which clearly they don’t have the skills to do seeing as the plane is still lost . (my daughter has a good sense of humour when it comes to fear and anxiety – has definitely taken after me)

Paul: Prank call Prank call Prank call Prank call (my son’s response to fearful situations)

Me: Hahahahaha emoji big red kiss (motherly)

Tina: How do I add Nella to this conversation she is missing the crazy

Gaby: (Nella’s daughter) I don’t think you can

Tina: Ok I will have to end this conversation and establish a new one

Me: I’m glad you two speak that language cause I didnt get it

Lz: Like where will you have gone?

Me: (after much serious sincere thought) Wherever they took the plane to or wherever Govts take troublemakers to until its over (I hope) [meaning they will release me in one piece then!]

Pip: I just read it. So you think it is a conspiracy then. I am hoping they find the black box but it’s a needle in a haystack.

Me: with all their technology including satellites don’t you think they would have found something by now, so many countries so many resources what’s your gut feeling about it?

Pip: Nah it’s in the ocean. it just goes to show humans and technology a bit infallible. Good night xox!

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