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Addicted 2, photo by Nicole Dee, landing Canada, recovery tooPain killers are dangerous and addictive, that is why it is important that we take these as recommended by a doctor and in monitored dosages, as required and not too regularly. Even those which are over-the-counter pills can develop a dangerous habit. We can tell that the pills are becoming a problem if we are taking them for the ‘high’ and the ‘feelgood’ instead of the pain. If the pain is bearable then we don’t need to take the pills.

Hazel was not really a pill popper until
she suffered an injury at work and
she desperately needed relief from the pain
it was prescribed by the doctor and
she took the pills at least 3 times a day
her pain was soothed but she also noticed
that she felt her spirits lifted when
she took these strong drugs
after awhile she realised that she needed
to take the pills in order to do her work
and not because she felt unbearable pain
but she couldn’t stop herself and
she needed more than the dosage stated
she was well aware of addiction because
her mother had been a pill popper all her life
this was too much for Hazel so she went
to a 12 Step meeting several times which
helped her to give up the pills

Addicted 2, photo by Nicole Dee, landing, Canada, recovery too


13 thoughts on “Pills addiction”

  1. @ Christy: As long as you have told him what you expect of him then you need to let him take responsibility for his own recovery. Have you been to NARANON (friends and family of narcotics or if there is a similar one for pills addicts? Otherwise see a therapist who specialises in addictions so you can be guided on how to help your friend without enabling him to get worse.

  2. I was addicted to Oxycontin for about 7 years after a horrible accident. After several unsuccessful treatment programs, I finally found help from a physician who used a medication called Suboxone. For me, Suboxone was truly a miracle and a lifesaver. I was on the outpatient program for about 6 months and have been clean ever since. The best part is, I was able to live a normal life during this treatment. I recommend anyone looking into this before giving up and feeling like you have no where to turn. It may not work for everyone, but it sure did for me. Be positive!

  3. It is so easy for people to get their hands on prescription drugs. Its sad that people just don’t understand how addictive they actually can become until its too late. I’ve had several friends who thought Vicodin was ok to take “just on the weekends” and they could not get addicted but after a months of these “weekends” and continuosly increasing the amount to get that same high, they eventually got themselves into trouble and ended up in a treatment center just to avoid withdrawals.

  4. I have been friends with a gentleman for a year now. I lost my husband 2 years ago. This gentleman I am friends with helped me through the last year and dealing with the loss of my spouse. I have two children. Two months ago the relationship turned romantic. Through this I realized he is addicted to pain pills. This is the 2nd time he is trying to detox from them. He can’t hide it from me and at this time is very honest. He is taking them still because at this time his job is demanding and he is stuck without time to be drug sick. I want to support him and encourage his recovery but everything I have ever heard is horror storys and nothing to give me hope that he will kick the habit… My problem is this person is a friend as well as a romantic interest.. I can’t walk away from him in this time of need. I know he wants to change it, but who wouldn’t. Any words of wisdom on how to proceed..

  5. @ Bob B: You are absolutely right, as long as you are not doing recovery for yourself then it will not work. Some people may find recovery in the beginning because they are coerced into it by someone else and after ‘acting as if’ for a while it becomes a habit. But for you this has not worked. So you need to make the commitment to a full recovery for it to work. Don’t give up

  6. I am an addict.I have been an addict for as long as I can remember. After 28 years of being married and 2 grown children my wife has only recently became aware of my addiction. I have been in and out of treatment for the last 5 years after loosing my job because of my addiction. I still use. I guess I am selfish and only care about myself. I tell my wife what she wants to hear just so that she will not leave me or throw me out. I got caught again today using and than lying about it. She does not deserve what I do to her but again,I am just to selfish to care.
    Angry,Guilty and sad.

  7. I am an addict. Have been as long as I can remember.
    Married with 2 grown children. After 28 years of marriage my wife became aware of my disease 5 years ago. I have gone for help over the last 5 years but any chance I get I relapse. I have come to the conclusion that I really dont want to be drug free and I only seek treatment so that my wife wont leave me. I sneek and lie and when I get caught I say what she wants to hear. I feel I am destined to be a user forever. It sucks for her but I guess I am to selfish to care about anyone elses feelings.
    Hopeless,guilty and angry.

  8. @ Christy J. Your life is sad and can be made better for yourself and for your children. Take the advice I gave Christy and protect your children from this misery. He is responsible for whether he lives or dies, not you. You are responsible for how you and your children live life.

  9. I feel that Christy has wrote my story, but I have 3 boys. My husband has tried to quit, I Can not tell you how many times. I get my hopes up just to find out he’s been sneeking behind my back with many white lies. I’m tried. I feel as if my heart has been repeatively broken to the point of numbness. He not the person I fell in love with, his mood changes (when going without to when he gets back on) are hard on me and the kids. I want to leave but scared he will die.

  10. Christy, your life is not only miserable but you have the responsibility of providing a safe upbringing for your children. Your husband is obviously in the clutches of addiction and so it is up to you to rescue yourself and your children. You have several options. You can leave him and set yourself up (and your children)in a new life free of his addiction. You can get help from a therapist specialising in this field and/or others who have had the same experiences and have succeeded in changing their lifestyles, like members of a 12 Step fellowship. Staying in the same situation and not doing anything about it, or just griping about it is not an option, particularly because you have the children to protect. So tell me what your decision is.

  11. my husband has destored our lives with his 5 year addiction to pain pills. he has went from job to job and lied to get money for pills. he said our childern where sick. he has lied and stolen to get pill or money for pills. I am so sick of the lies and some times wish he was dead. at least ther would be no storys to our 2 girls 2 nad 6. no more stealing there change. I feel like he is waist of space. his whole world is pills and money to get pills. no kids bills food of veh. I could care less if I or the girls ever see him again.
    I have worked and pad so much to just carry me and the girls through life and nothing from him.

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