procrastination thwarts the growth

creativity nourishes the process of Life
we accomplish amazing heights with it
on the other hand
procrastination thwarts the growth
as it freezes any potential achievement
when we give into its immobilising effect

there are many ways to
shed ourselves of procrastination
make a plan
chunk the work down into doable bits
make a small beginning
then the bug to finish takes hold

it is with pride that
the completed task is reached
even if it is not to our utmost liking
nevertheless the fact that it is finished
far outweighs the perceived imperfection

3 thoughts on “procrastination thwarts the growth”

  1. Yes Terry, it is human shortcoming which affects some of us worse than others. I am focusing on this topic in a more recent post, check it out.

  2. What about when the procrastination paralyses you
    and when you are unprepared you perform badly and feel awful and embarrassed. Its as if something inside is hoping for failure. Or when you have a deadline for a task and leave it till the last minute and the stress builds up but there is a block to complete the task.

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