Recovery from injury

Arm in sling, photo by Jacque Stengel, United StatesWhen we are injured physically or emotionally (burnout) the recovery process takes some time and we need to give ourselves permission to veg out and rest in order to heal. Sitting around doing nothing can cause us guilt but the recovery from injury takes time. We need to follow doctor’s orders and not push ourselves to do things that might throw us backwards. Patience is important and logic helps us to be patient till we are again well enough.

as I mentioned before I became injured
resulting in a dislocated shoulder
I took it easy with my arm in a sling
but I miscalculated the recovery time from injury
thinking that after few days I’d be able to be over the pain
it is now 5 weeks since the event and although
I have vegged out and rested and all that
I am still not altogether well and am still in pain
how wrong could I be?
nevertheless I am prepared to rest some more

Arm in sling, photo by Jacque Stengel, United States,

One thought on “Recovery from injury”

  1. I can identify w/you. I was in auto accident in Oct. 2007, after a series of wrong Dr.s here in Fla. I just went thru a horrific operation after months in pain, 4disks fused, 5vertebrae cemented together, I had a right hand that I couldn’t feel. The Dr. had to open my spinal column to free the nerve & bone chips. I am so depressed now, its all over, but I am in a high brace, 2 daughters living up north, never hear from them unless they want something. I don’t ever want to see them again. I would have been permentantly paralyzed if I didn’t have the operation. I still have a completely cut rotator cuff that has to be repaired after my neck heals. Here in Fla. people don’t have to have insurance, the guy that hit me in an old pick up truck had minimun ins. $25,000. That was eaten up by physical therapy & different Dr.’s ordering MRI’s that couldn’t even be read by the nuerosurgeon. I feel very sad.

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