When we are feeling resentful or insecure, quite often we use sarcasm to communicate, thinking that we are being witty in our interactions and hoping that the recipient will nurture us in our time of need. Then when they respond with disrespect we are surprised and the resentment festers. We need to always be aware that sarcasm can only bring us unhappiness in one way or another.

as I quipped back at you in what I thought was a humorous manner
because I felt rejected and unloved by you
I certainly did not realise that I was using sarcasm
until someone pointed that out to me and then
I understood why you answered in an equally sarcastic way
I guess I would do better to say to you in future
“I am disappointed that you cannot join me today, better luck next time”
rather than carrying on the way I have done, to ease my hurt
this awareness now makes me feel empowered!

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