We fall in love and think it is for the rest of our lives. Then the time comes when we cause more pain to each other than it is humanly possible to take. The thought of failure stops us from doing what is best. The children suffer to see their parents fight – not a very good example for marriage. Some folks are smart enough to seek help from counselling and the solution takes place. Others think counselling is shameful or ridiculous and their unhappiness is prolonged. Sometimes nothing can salvage the relationship and it is far better to part, providing it is done in a healthy way. Then those involved will learn from the experience rather than just suffer trauma.

my life with you promised to be
a dream come true
what happened that it all turned
into so much pain?
was it me, was it you?
then separation was the only
the end of a dream
as we carefully explained it
to the children and hoped
that they would understand
why it had to end

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