Success through mind power

Key, photo by xlucas, Germany,  key to success Rodger Cresswell made a comment about my post Affirmations – self hypnosis which was worth showing below because it is important to see how other people’s experiences confirm these life strategies. The more we repeat a positive message to ourselves (self hypnosis) then it becomes an affirmation which programs us to achieve our dreams. By the same token it is so important to avoid repetitive messages which are negative if we wish to be successful in life. Think about the times you have said to yourself “I’m going to drop this” and it is guaranteed to happen. Try repeating “I can do it” over and over and watch the phenomenon of success through mind power.

I started to listen to self hypnosis CDs
as a way of relaxing.
That worked but I also found that the
affirmations worked which is a bonus.
As you may realise, I am a big fan of self hypnosis now
Rodger Cresswell

9 thoughts on “Success through mind power”

  1. You are right on. Positive comments, positive self talk is what we need more of. Years of dealing with put downs and negative comments only create a deep feeling of sadness. Yes, “I can do it!” even spoken with self doubt will eventually turn in to “I can do it!” with internal power.

  2. @ Karen Green When someone repeats negative messages as you have in your comment then the lifestyle program is set and nothing goes well. I have known people as those you have described who have the worst happen to them and when they reprogrammed their way of thinking then life changed and improved completely.

  3. you can say whatever you want but maybe these people are not struggling from big life problems or disibilities. It dosn’t matter what I hear or say or who speaks to me/

    Nothing will change some people are born this way, and I will never be happy, as that had already been taken away from me. I have no future as I will never be able to work as I cannot find anythink that I can do without stuffing up or being ask to leave.

    But maybe these people do not have major prob where they are starving as they have no money to live. Or have normal families that love them and support them.

    but there is some of us that do not have this power as we have no help, money or jhob or anything

    so how is this power of mind going to help A councler has tried this but it dosnt work and never will.

    its not confence that people lack it is tthe damage that we face from other, they have full control of our lives.

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