A mother’s instinct never dies

Mae and Pepi

I turned around and my eye caught Pepi cuddled up to Mae who’s twice his size so I took a picture. Mae had one litter of kittens when she was one year old. As she was a rescue street cat the Vet found then homes and I took her in. She is such a great mother that she treats this dog like a kitten and he loves her dearly.❤️

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When a cat adopts a miniature Chihuahua

My baby

Cuddling up is great



A washWhen Pepi came into the family 7yrs ago he was so tiny at 6 weeks that he was smaller than the palm of my hand and he suffered from separation anxiety, still does. I had to take him with me to the toilet or he’d squeal the house down. Mae has adopted him as her kitten and washes him eagely which he loves. Nowadays he’s super lovable with people as long as he can see me. In order to leave him home happy I have to tell him that he has to look after the pussy cats and that I’ll be back quickly!