Effective communication is the gold of relationships.

Letters from past




I was thinking about the circle of Facebook friends and relatives I’ve been in regular contact with over only a few months. How did this happen? Some new and some I hadn’t been in touch with for years and yet here we are sometimes in daily contact now.

Wedding at Mrs Macquarie's ChairAs a marriage and family counsellor I point out how valuable effective communication is to a successful relationship. I’ve been married twice and each one was bliss when our communication was good, and when not good the end was inevitable. Thanks to Facebook the opportunity exists to click ‘like’ for posts that impress and eventually develop friendships with individuals through meaningful or amusing conversations. In my FB circle not only have I communicated with relatives and friends overseas but also new friends in Tasmania, Victoria, Queensland and of course NSW. So I’m planning to visit my Tasmanian friends where I’ve never been before. It’s all thanks to effective communication.💜