Fool’s Gold of declutter.

Grandson Nicholas and Pepi

When I wrote that I finished decluttering I was experiencing the Fool’s Gold of decluttering because I found more. My darling Uni student grandson, Nicholas, came to my assistance and pulled heavy suitcases out of my sorted wardrobe. I had him empty them onto my bed and place empty ones back up in it. One plastic tray was full of videos of interviews for my PhD in Sydney, 10 cities in USA, and 4 in Europe. He kindly took that out to our building’s skip.

More sorting out

So I sorted this ‘precious’ lot that I’d been saving for decades and threw out more bagfuls in the rubbish. In my 2 drawer filing cabinet I have one drawer for white folders with touching letters or cards from relatives (dead or alive) and dignitaries, which I can just flick through.

The other drawer holds courses I’ve designed for TAFE, Workshops and Seminars as well as covers of Newsletters I’ve created and of which I’ve been the editor, for example Wayside Chapel when I was the Director of Social Services, and The Humanist Society NSW Viewpoints for 12 years. If I don’t look at these for 1 year then out they will go too! Decluttering is traumatising because of letting go of great memories but it’s vital for inner peace and serenity.

Filing cabinet