Tools of Serenity

We underestimate the benefit of the tools of serenity. That is, reading literature that promotes self awareness; writing about our feelings and innermost thoughts; meeting with like-minded people who are determined to live healthy; eating and drinking healthy; gentle exercise; and regular affirmations.

My six year old granddaughter
asked me for paper and pen to
pass the time away while her sister
was training for basketball
so I stopped my writing after a while
and handed her some paper and the pen
she wrote and wrote mesmerised
and I asked her what she was saying
she replied that she was writing about what had
happened at school and at home that made her unhappy
after a while she said there was nothing more to write
so I mentioned that perhaps she could write about how
she feels now that she has written all this
so she wrote that she felt happy
four small pages – one example of the tools of serenity


5 thoughts on “Tools of Serenity”

  1. You are so right Affie.

    The guy who introduced the saying “Children should be seen and not heard” obviously missed the importance of what he said as so many people believe that nonsense.

    One thing we all miss, and you must believe in reincarnation to believe this, is that children have the wisdom of their past lives lying within their Unconscious Minds and every now and then that wisdom surfaces.


    Robert Shields
    Accredited Hypnotherapy Trainer
    Amercian Board of Hypnotherapy

  2. Hi Robert,

    Thanks for your comment.

    It is true that children are wonderful to work with. Their innocence is inspiring.

    We often try to protect children from expressing themselves, whereas if we encourage them to say what is in their hearts not only is it good for them but we learn from them too.

    See my post (20/09/06)in response to your comment.

  3. I use a similar technique with children in my hypnotherapy practice.

    I ask the child to write down what his or her problem is, but to smile when doing so.

    The smile often fades into a look of concentration and I ask him or her to keep smiling.

    Often the last comment is one of not being worried by the problem any more.

    Children are wonderful to work with.

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