What is violence?

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that being passionate about your expression is not violence. What is violence? Shouting, swearing, intimidating, bullying, overpowering, threatening are not just being honest – it is violence. There is no excuse for violence. This is a problem not only with men towards women but also women towards men, adults towards children, children towards each other and as statistics show children towards adults – especially their parents. It is true that adults do role-model behaviour which children copy and therefore adults need to be held responsible for that outcome. Assess your own behaviour before you blame others, but don’t put up with violence.

so many people explain away other people’s
terrible behaviour in the hope that it
will change
they also blame themselves
what is violence?
anything someone does
which distresses and intimidates us
reach out for help when that happens
it will only get worse if
you put up with it

One thought on “What is violence?”

  1. A man, recently divorced, tried to convince me that even dysfunctional love was still love. What’s your thoughts on this? I totally disagree.

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