WTF where is the cheese?!

WTF where's the cheese
WTF where’s the cheese

My miniature Chihuahua Pepi got diarrhea and after tests the Vet Andrew at Randwick Vet prescribed a balance of protein, rice, carrot and green beans without his favourite shaving of cheese for awhile. Well the time came when he rebelled and wouldn’t eat my ground concoction without cheese shavings.

see, it needed cheese
see, it needed cheese

He stood his ground and the look said “what’s this shit?” And I ignored him until he continued with “WTF where’s the cheese, I’m not eating without it”. So as anyone knows Chihuahuas are fussy eaters and Pepi hooks into my guilt so easily. “OK just a little cheese or you’ll get sick and the doggie doctor will say naughty Affie!”.

I shaved a little cheese on his food and mixed it in and he demolished the meal.

Pepi empty bowl
Pepi empty bowl

Then he looked at me as if to say “see! I told you it needed cheese!” Does anyone else go through that kind of power struggle at feed time?!✊


2 thoughts on “WTF where is the cheese?!”

  1. I have a similar problem with my cat. She will only eat fresh mince and won’t touch the canned cat food. If I give it to her she also gives me the WTF look! However, if I mix them together she will eat it, so she’s not much different to your Pepi. Like you, I always end up giving in for fear that she will starve herself! Great post Affie! xxx

    1. Joan you’re doing well mixing the food to get the good one to be esten. It shows what good mothers we are because we feed our pets healthy food and yet try to give them small pleasures in their lives.

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