Once we referred to transparency as being open and honest about where we are in the here and now. It doesn’t really matter what it is called, honesty frees us from the pain of confusion, isolation, depression and much more. There is nothing to be ashamed of because you are not alone and others are going through the same trauma or dilemma too.

we think that hiding the pain
will make it go away and
instead it becomes worse
until we realise that by
reaching out
asking for support
makes Life so much easier

some decisions become easier with help

some decisions become easier with help

Are you wondering why you are finding it so hard to make a decision? Things become so hard to do with the constant internal argument of ďon one hand itís a good idea but on the other hand it will change things too muchĒ. When this happens then that can mean that something in your life is causing more stress than usual. It could be the job, or a relationship, or life in general. Then again it could be your health. Depression can cause indecision. Take care of yourself by having a medical check up.

Life had become difficult full of indecision
and I thought about what was wrong
should I change my job?
go on a holiday?
leave you behind?
then I spoke to my doctor
now things look better already
some decisions become easier with help

the loss of a love

when a lover says that itís over
the shock and anger is unbelievable
ďitís not true, itís a nightmare, how could it be?Ē
then the bargaining adds to the turmoil
ďcould things have been handled differently
and the loss of a love been avoided?Ē

getting through this phase does not guarantee
that the acceptance of the loss is reached
unfortunately this pain can go on in cycles
nevertheless it does get better
and we move on to happier and more fulfilling times
having hope for that gets us through the worst moments

goodbye Donald Horne

some were invited today to celebrate
the life and works of this great man
he led a life that influenced many
and although he did not suffer fools
his warmth was far greater than most
if your were fortunate enough to
be the recipient of that side of him

as I sat and listened to leaders
speak of their experiences with him
I remembered the warmth he showed me
and that of his wife, Myfanwy, too
goodbye Donald Horne
it was an honour to know you

it would be helpful to notice what we say

one of the best lessons in life is that
we teach what we need to learn
so when people come our way
asking for answers to their questions
and we spontaneously offer suggestions
it would be helpful to notice what we say

in our comments we will see
that we are giving answers to
our own current problems
and all it takes is to pay attention
then we have the solutions
sometimes one, sometimes many
right under our very own noses

a wedding tomorrow

what is a miracle?
it doesn’t have to be
something supernatural
just everyday happenings
that have turned your
life around noticeably

for some people it means
freedom from a situation full of woe
a relationship
a way of life
or even
from a troubled country

today at the preparation for
a wedding tomorrow of
one of the daughters
a dream comes true
the happiness is obvious
however, only a few years ago
these people were struggling to be
accepted as citizens in this country

so hopeless it seemed at the time
but they are determined people
of good character and integrity
which led to their acceptance
but the father used to say that
he dreamt that God spoke to him
and it would come true someday
so they thank God for their miracle
and minimise their own mammoth effort

completion or closure

completion or closure

we have a vital task to complete
which we put off because
we are waiting for when
the time is right and
when we feel stronger

what really matters though
is that we take care of
unfinished business
otherwise known as
completion or closure

once that takes place
life seems so much easier
less complicated
a new beginning is close at hand
or so it seems

which is second nature to us

love is such a therapeutic process
it relieves loneliness
it heals sickness
it resolves conflict
it inspires us to achieve great heights
it softens the blows of failure
or the inevitability of certain sadness
and the losses which Life can
sometimes serve us

nevertheless we donít appreciate
this resource we have
which is second nature to us
but when we do then
Life becomes such a dream
because everything is more manageable
and Hope enters our domain
promising situation improvement
at every level

nevertheless it will go away

sometimes lifeís events
leave a mark on us
in the most remarkable way
affecting health, happiness, finances
and our relationships
traumatically so!

our skills that
were once talents
now become lost or weak
with the lack of motivation
or is it lack of confidence
without some sort of
intervention from the outside like
counselling, supportive family and friends

no need to feel ashamed
this is the lot of a human being
surviving lifeís ups and downs
and its impact on us when
the bleakness appears to be
permanent, never-ending helplessness
or at least it certainly feels that way
nevertheless it will go away