And above all friendship

In a loving relationship there are several important elements that maintain its existence. These elements are passion, honesty, respect, communication, security, and above all friendship. Because familiarity breeds contempt, before we respond to our lover or family member we need to get the same attitude we have when we are communicating with a friend. Even when we donít agree with a friendís thoughts or behaviour we use our best interpersonal skills trying to resolve the conflict harmoniously. When we clash with a lover or family member, it helps to remember that and do the same.

you are my true love yet there are times that I loathe how
your behaviour annoys me to desperation
and in such cases, sadly, I either fight with you or run away within
holding a visible grudge
if only I could harness the anger and send it
to a more positive place so that it gives me
more passion to achieve my dreams
especially in harmony with you
I certainly stay patient in friendship
otherwise I wouldnít have friends!
I donít want to lose you
and we love each other deeply
so, letís work it out


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