Spirituality means community

Hands, photo by Marco Michelini, Firenze, Italy, reach outSome of us do not believe in organised religion but nevertheless are spiritual. Spirituality can mean many things. Participating in music, dance, art, meditation, giving service and/or belonging to a specific community are all ways of being spiritual. This is apart from belonging to an organised religion which can also be positive. Spirituality is important to our wellbeing and serenity, teaching us how to develop healthy relationships.

the small child was intelligent and personable
yet she was extremely shy at most times
as I watched her play on the abandoned playground
she was delighted with her activities, then
some more children arrived and she ran back to me
saying that she’d had enough but I knew better, so I
encouraged her to go back and play some more with
the other children who seemed friendly enough
at her age of 4 I knew this was important for her ability to
form relationships and be a part of the community
after the initial hesitation she joined them happily
her parents, teachers and church were doing likewise
and today at 12 she is popular, confident and healthy


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