the loss of a love

when a lover says that it’s over
the shock and anger is unbelievable
“it’s not true, it’s a nightmare, how could it be?”
then the bargaining adds to the turmoil
“could things have been handled differently
and the loss of a love been avoided?”

getting through this phase does not guarantee
that the acceptance of the loss is reached
unfortunately this pain can go on in cycles
nevertheless it does get better
and we move on to happier and more fulfilling times
having hope for that gets us through the worst moments


4 thoughts on “the loss of a love”

  1. Sam, It is truly tragic to be surprised by the betrayal of someone you loved and trusted for 17 years. You are wise, to separate the person from the behaviour and hate what he’s done but not hate him because in this way the hatred will not eat at you. May your pain diminish without his return so that you may find the strength in yourself that you know is there. Affie

  2. Your comment was accidently jammed in the system and it’s been freed now.

    I know that shocked feeling both as a child and an adult.

    Has the passing of time eased the pain or reduced the love?

  3. The feeling of an immense loss is so hard to deal with. To be told that after 17 years that now nothing is left is shattering. No clue no hint it just is. Two children whose world has been ripped from under their feet. Security and protection is gone. How do I pull myself up from the biggest low I have felt in my life? Waiting for him to come back and say its alright I made a mistake. I want to feel anger, it would be easier to hate him, still loving him makes it so hard. I hate what he has done but I can’t hate him.

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