we teach what we need to learn

Have you heard yourself tell people how to solve their latest problem. When your suggestion is appreciated you are making a constructive point. That point could also be something you need to take note of yourself for we teach what we need to learn.

faced with an unsolvable problem
I felt too exasperated to
think about it any more!
then in response to someone’s dilemma
I heard myself give
a helpful solution to my own problem
this reminded me that
we teach what we need to learn


2 thoughts on “we teach what we need to learn”

  1. I’m sorry Gillian,

    I do not remember where I got this saying.
    Maybe it was one of Jung’s.
    Please let me know when you find out the original source.


  2. I heard this aphorism well over a year ago whilst listening to Radio National one Saturday morning. It was an illuminating experience and continues to provoke much thought within me
    Would you have the original source or reference as I remember it as an eloquent piece with many subtles and layers
    That you have this on your website fascinates me – I will explore it further when I get a moment
    Thank you

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