Procrastination affects us differently

I have written several posts on procrastination because it is such a traumatic experience and common to many of us. Procrastination affects us differently – some worse than others, as can be seen by Terry’s comment below. Regardless of how immobilised you feel when procrastination takes hold, there are different strategies that you can choose … Continue reading Procrastination affects us differently

Procrastination and self doubt

The moment just before we begin a task, which is causing us some anxiety, is when procrastination usually happens. Even if it is a task that we would enjoy once we begin it, there can be a major block. Once we begin, however, we wonder why we had been so bogged down. It’s usually because … Continue reading Procrastination and self doubt

procrastination thwarts the growth

creativity nourishes the process of Life we accomplish amazing heights with it on the other hand procrastination thwarts the growth as it freezes any potential achievement when we give into its immobilising effect there are many ways to shed ourselves of procrastination make a plan chunk the work down into doable bits make a small … Continue reading procrastination thwarts the growth

Anxiety and addiction

Which comes first the chicken or the egg, they ask? Does anxiety create addiction or does addiction create anxiety? As I see it both apply. We become anxious over something and we reach out to self medicate with a substance or process (alcohol, smoking, pills, food, love, gambling, arguing) which we know will give us … Continue reading Anxiety and addiction

“Where’s your passion?”

Life can sometimes pass us by so quickly that we wonder where it went. To avoid this happening too often we need to meditate more regularly to help us relax.? We also need to think about what we are doing and how that relates to our passion. Trigger off that thinking by asking “where’s your … Continue reading “Where’s your passion?”