Wondered why you can’t stop a strong habit?

Stopping destructive habits
Stopping destructive habits

So you’ve had enough and you promise yourself to stop it, give up what’s hanging onto you making your promise useless? Why is it so hard? The mind is extremely powerful for creating good or bad behaviour but you can get back in charge, with or without medication (depending on the state of your health). You are a determined person yet fail each time miserably to keep this promise to self? Why? Why? Why? It could be nail biting, undereating; overeating; picky eating; losing money on bets or spending; staying in an abusive relationship or job; smoking; craving more or avoiding sex; heavy drinking, cigarette smoking, other drug heavy usage; being violent; antisocial; overworking; attachment to people, place and things; and so on. Feeling compelled and out of control even with great good intentions to be free. Reaching out to repeat troublesome behaviours because of the good feelings or the ‘high’ they give us yet trapping us into a vicious downward spiral of unmanagability. This begins with pleasurable results to look forward to which snowballs into serious life threatening compulsion, dependencies, addiction or undesirable serious habits. Even over exercising can reach life threatening proportions. The common denominator is needing the ‘high’ which is quite harmless at first but eventually becomes annoying, and finally the neurotic repetition becomes life threatening. The anchor to this debilitating behaviour is that every time we think about it we tell ourselves how much we LOVE IT and if instead we repeat over and over that we HATE IT even whilst doing it or thinking about it, then recovery begins. That’s why hypnosis and self help groups are so useful to cut the habit, or for reprograming the mind – the message gets through to the mind that we HATE being driven to do what we want to stop.👍


Fear, Anxiety and the Need for Control

Midnight BooAMae Sultana Look into my eyes rose by any other name is still the same – TERROR, TRAUMA then WAR which brings on feelings of retribution, action and  production of  WAR PARAPHERNALIA which in turn swells the financial coffers of the nation (what a relief in time of woe). It’s like a pressure cooker effect at some point the steam is released and all is well the food is superb.  Until that point however the global population is on tenterhooks and fearful like our household pets on fireworks night: planes go missing, get  blown up, innocent  people are beheaded or killed or intimidated, and the hands of powerful authorities seem tied!

THEN out of the blue a few of the powerful countries band together and shout “ENOUGH’ and “NO MORE”

Some sigh a sigh of relief and shout that a band of barbarian terrorists cannot control the powers of the world.

Others shout that it’s vilification and discrimination!

And some wonder is this WAR going to resolve this madness short and sweet or…

is it going to go on for YEARS and YEARS??????

Photos: My cats  Mae (5) Tabby and Midnight Bombay (14)

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