Fear, Anxiety and the Need for Control

Midnight BooAMae Sultana Look into my eyes rose by any other name is still the same – TERROR, TRAUMA then WAR which brings on feelings of retribution, action and  production of  WAR PARAPHERNALIA which in turn swells the financial coffers of the nation (what a relief in time of woe). It’s like a pressure cooker effect at some point the steam is released and all is well the food is superb.  Until that point however the global population is on tenterhooks and fearful like our household pets on fireworks night: planes go missing, get  blown up, innocent  people are beheaded or killed or intimidated, and the hands of powerful authorities seem tied!

THEN out of the blue a few of the powerful countries band together and shout “ENOUGH’ and “NO MORE”

Some sigh a sigh of relief and shout that a band of barbarian terrorists cannot control the powers of the world.

Others shout that it’s vilification and discrimination!

And some wonder is this WAR going to resolve this madness short and sweet or…

is it going to go on for YEARS and YEARS??????

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Malaysian Flight 370 spin still not true

Major Development In Search For MH370 May Lead To Black BoxI still don’t believe them – look at the body language it’s “this is what I’m supposed to say”. They say they have heard a ping and it’s past the deadline of expiry but if when they first heard the ping don’t you think they would have immediately dropped a mini sub down with a plane to get there on time and fish for it. What is taking them so long to get there and once they got there immediately they should have sent a mini sub down! come on! Their behaviour sings out stall! stall! bringing it back to my theory that the major powers are  in ’round table talks on how to get the plane back from who they know have it without losing the passengers and without giving into what they want” see Malaysian Airplane 370 missing plane not in sea


Malaysian Airplaine 370 missing plane not in sea

Malaysian airplane370[it should have read aeroplane or flight, before some pedantic takes this post off on a different tangent]

I cannot believe that one of the best airlines in the world with well qualified pilots can have a plane 370 disappear and crash into the Indian Ocean disappearing to the extent that so many powerful countries with advanced technologies are unable to find any trace of it.  And yet they persist in spinning the story that they firmly believe that is where the rescue teams will find what they are looking for after all this time! This is a united front to just  either keep grieving people satisfied that something is being done while they work out how to disclose to the world what has really happened or to cover up a plan of attack on the offending nation that has been responsible for this terrorist action.  I believe the people on board are still alive and will be used as hostages or something extremely weird such as that.

People don’t disappear off the face of this earth without us finding out what happened to them when we have full co-operation from the major powers to find them unless those major powers are involved in secret negotiations and this is all to keep the “natives” quiet.  How foolish I’ll be if I am wrong but it just does not make sense with the magnitude of the search coming to no positive result. How useless are we as human beings with all our power and  technology and unity if we are unable to find one plane which has crashed?! Come on!! Something else is going on and we are being hoodwinked in the worst possible way!  Then again what terrorist group would benefit from one plane full of tourists! Does it languish in conceit that it has managed to mobilise the major powers and some others to spend their resources and time uselessly and focus the world’s eye on such a tragedy with no possible resolution achieved and creating the greatest mystery mankind has had? Terrorists playing GOD? As long as the passengers survive it will truly be a lesson to the world. My Sympathy to their relatives and friends. Let’s Wake Up Australia and see the big picture – isn’t it all a bit strange?! Have you got a knot in your stomach that isn’t grief?!