Many homeless people refuse shelter

Ruby and Pepi cold

Sydney has had 2 days colder than any other in 10yrs. Yesterday I just managed to get out in the rain and get my windscreen wiper replaced at Jap Spare Parts for $20 (after some idiot has snapped it off) and did some shopping at Coles Surry Hills where I can take Pepi.

Mae cold

Today it’s just as freezing so my pets are cuddled up under covers and I’m watching TV rugged up even wearing gloves. I can’t cope with the temperature being too cold or too hot and I wonder how homeless people choose their lifestyle. It is a choice because I remember when I was the Director of Social Services at the Wayside Chapel our Youth Workers would offer homeless youth the opportunity of housing and food but they refused!  I offered 2 older homeless Kings Cross identities, Graham and Con, help to get housing and food. Con said to me that they’d had all that and found it too boring. 👿

2 thoughts on “Many homeless people refuse shelter”

  1. Even homeless people have pride, hence why they often refuse housing. They are set in their ways of only having the bare minimum essentials, and the thought of housing often overwhelms them. To them, they have “families” on the street, and don’t want to leave them. It’s sad but true.

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