Many homeless people refuse shelter

Ruby and Pepi cold

Sydney has had 2 days colder than any other in 10yrs. Yesterday I just managed to get out in the rain and get my windscreen wiper replaced at Jap Spare Parts for $20 (after some idiot has snapped it off) and did some shopping at Coles Surry Hills where I can take Pepi.

Mae cold

Today it’s just as freezing so my pets are cuddled up under covers and I’m watching TV rugged up even wearing gloves. I can’t cope with the temperature being too cold or too hot and I wonder how homeless people choose their lifestyle. It is a choice because I remember when I was the Director of Social Services at the Wayside Chapel our Youth Workers would offer homeless youth the opportunity of housing and food but they refused!  I offered 2 older homeless Kings Cross identities, Graham and Con, help to get housing and food. Con said to me that they’d had all that and found it too boring. 👿