Lovers, photo by Brenda Lamothe Coulomme, Capital Federal, Argentina,  open marriage Some people believe in open marriages, where each person is entitled to have sexual experiences with others providing that there is honesty about it with the primary partner. Others cannot live with the thought of infidelity in their relationship. They believe that a loving relationship means being faithful to one another to the exclusion of others.? Whatever we believe in, it only works if we are totally committed and happy with that particular way of thinking.

they wanted to avoid
anything contaminating their love
trust was their strongest asset
so their commitment to an open marriage
was supposed to keep honesty alive
others said that meant they were
committed to infidelity!
so they decided to have a
monogamous relationship
either way love and happiness
comes from living what you
believe to be best


3 thoughts on “Infidelity”

  1. Rarely do “open” marriages work. If you follow them they eventually end in divorce. It’s a trust issue.

    Interesting topic though.

  2. Angela, I think your comment is important enough for me to write a specific post on it so check my post today called ‘Double standards’. Affie

  3. Others yet believe that infidelity is Ok for them. They will justify and rationalise it and will be willing to murder (literally and metaphorically)their partner if the latter dares do the same. What sortof people are these? And to add insult to injury they will moralise and talk about values in public!

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