A white-knuckling recovery

White Knuckles, photo by Kristen Price, Muskogee, United States, addiction recovery It’s great to come into recovery from addiction. It means freedom from being compelled to do things we don’t want to do anymore. Such things which are harmful to us. Addiction recovery means serenity and peace of mind. However, there are some of us who experience a white-knuckling recovery – sometimes called a dry drunk. This means struggling with the demon of addiction. The only hope is to persist in the search for serenity and recovery will then be true freedom from compulsion.

they would ask me
why was it so hard to find
serenity in their recovery?
it felt like no matter what they did
it was a white-knuckling recovery!
I explained that for some
making the decision to be in recovery
is a smooth transition from insanity to sanity
and for others it is somewhat harder
but for all, the best outcome is to
persevere by sticking to the program
and eventually it works out – serenity
and that’s how it’s also sustained


One thought on “A white-knuckling recovery”

  1. I have been dealing with the recovery field for 20 years now and there is a core of thinking that is just so often missed by the “White Knuckelers”. 18mind.com developed a program to put the people through the necessary steps to have a breakthrough in the paradigms that hold addicts back from getting the program.
    There is free coaching available on this system as well as a pdf located at 18mind.com. The name of the process is Mind Syntropy
    and tons of people have recovered using it.
    Clint Baxley

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