Thinking, photo by Bas van Bekhoven, Oosterhout, NBr, Netherlands, youth innocenceSome people believe in reincarnation and that the knowledge from past lives is in the unconscious mind to surface as wisdom beyond a person’s years. Others believe that such a notion is simply a belief in the supernatural which is unscientific. Then again I am more inclined to believe the notion that as we evolve as human beings, to a certain extent we inherit the thought processes experienced in previous generations. It is interesting how different notions attract different believers. Whatever we believe in, the main thing is that as long as it helps us treat others appropriately then we will avoid using crutches (addictions) to live our lives.

sometimes my grandchildren
who are all under 12 years of age
say the most amazing things
for their age, that is
and I wonder where all
that wisdom comes from
I mean – thoughts over and above
what they have learnt from us
a wisdom beyond their years
is it I wonder simply
that we underestimate
children’s way of thinking
just because they are so young?

3 thoughts on “Reincarnation”

  1. Another way of considering why reincarnation is plausible is from the following:
    That we need more than one life to learn our life lessons and to evolve our soul consciousness. This is quite obvious from just observing life that with age one doesnt get wisdom. Look at the number of old folks who are still quarelling about trivial things.On the other hand, there are young people who are prepared to serve mankind as compared to many older fellas who are still very much living ego centred lives. The young people are actually older souls who have had many previous life experiences and have learned to recognise the common spirit in all.

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