Sulking is such a waste

677811_beyond_the_sea.jpgMany people resort to sulking when they are not pleased with someone’s behaviour. It is aimed at getting attention in the hope that the other person asks “what’s up” and then the sulker says “nothing”. The dance goes on until finally the sulker is convinced to share their hurt. Surely it is far healthier to learn how to be up front and honest about how you feel than doing this attention dance which can be such a waste and it causes resentments in relationships. We need to teach our children too how to communicate their needs openly to spare them resorting to sulking to get their way which in the end costs them.

the little girl was 8 and her mother had deserted them
so the father compensated by taking his daughter
to the movies 3 times a week for a while
it was an escape and took his mind off the pain
then he decided to stop overdosing on movies
but his daughter had her heart set on going that night
so she stood at the window looking out and sulking
after about one hour he asked her what was the matter?
in a good sulking pose she said “nothing”
so he went about cooking for the next day
another hour passed and she got tired of the act
and jumped at the opportunity to stop sulking when
he told her it was late and to get ready for bed!
it was a lesson not easily forgotten because
it served her no purpose

Beyond the sea, photo by Tolga KOSTAK, Izmir, Turkey,

6 thoughts on “Sulking is such a waste”

  1. I sulked all the time as a little girl, and even later as a young woman. I never udnerstood why I cut off my nose to spite my face, but now I get it: I was not allowed to speak my own mind or be open about my feelings as a child. Now, the more honest I am as a person, the less likely I am to sulk.

  2. i recently invited a friend to stay the night in my very comfortable home. she was rude to me, saying there was a bad smell in the house. i could not smell any bad smell and showed her there was nothing in my kitchen pedal bin which she had offered to empty. i asked her for an apology and she defiantly said she would not give me one. she then sulked and would not answer me at all then said “i cant stay the night here” and left my home with her suitcase at about 9 p.m., went to stay with another friend one hour’s travel time away. next day she sent me apology by text, i thanked her for this. four days later a large bouquet of flowers arrived from her. when i rang to thank her she told me she was “very fond of me”. however i do not know if i ever want to spend time with her again as i was so bewildered by her behaviour.

  3. I suffer from migraines and as such I often have to take time off work. I recenlty overheard a work colleague of mine complaining about me taking time off(which was not the first time) etc and I had a go at him and basically told him to mind his own business, now hes sulking with me

  4. I suffer from migraines and as such am unable to come to work often. I recently defended myself when I heard a work colleague complaining about all the time I take off, so I had a go at him and told him to basically mind his own business, now hes sulking with me and refuses to talk to me even after I tried to explain to him that what he was saying was upsetting me.

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