Visualisation means success

735083_unlock_your_dreams.jpgIt is vital to not give up on our goals. Just because they don’t easily come true does not mean they won’t later, so keep visualising what you dream. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, although it could, just keep affirming what you desire and picture it in your mind’s eye. It’s a form of programming your mind to do what you instruct it to do. Set aside negative thoughts and hang on to the positive ones so that the program stays clear and firm. Visualisation means success

at a Life Strategies Workshop I joined other participants in
planning a personal goal to manage my finances better
I had a habit of spending money as soon as it came to me
whether I was being slap happy with my spending or not
that is disputable!
what was not disputable was that money came to me
and as it did I spent it, not leaving much for emergencies
I changed my way of thinking and visualised that
I would make sure I created a ‘kitty’
it took one and half years to do just that
but now I am visualising getting another car
smaller and more efficient to run
in the meantime the visualisation for becoming healthy
in my food addiction recovery has eventuated


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