Leisure time for good health

Exercise by the sea, photo by Adam Kurzok, trinec, Czech Republic, wellbeing We can get swept up by work commitments, which results in emotional and physical burnout. We are not aware of this happening because usually the process is enjoyable. Having purpose and direction is very potent for us human beings, whether paid or voluntary activities. However, without leisure time for good health, we can become sick. This can creep up on us, manifesting as common illnesses, depression, addiction and/or moodiness. Being vigilant about these symptoms? can be an early remedy. Better still is prevention, so we need to have a balance between our work and leisure time – no excuses.

I was chosen to run a new program and
we had great success with it which was
most beneficial for the clients involved
I was on call 24 hours a day
for their safety and that of the workers
and after 2 years at this pace
my weight increased and I got
chronic bronchitis and diabetes
my moodiness was not apparent to me
then I developed depression
which took 6 months to recover
I realised how run down I had become, so
I quit the job and found more relaxing work
to this day I am amazed at how intoxicating
that project was that I did not notice
how hard I was working and how
my leisure time had become minimal

Deprivation versus indulgence

Chocolate truffles, photo by hartini a, Hiland, United States, stress, treatsWhen a person is in the clutches of addiction they experience feelings of deprivation versus indulgence. In other words they are torn between abstaining from the drug of choice to giving into what they crave. Often this is due to experiences in their childhood where they perceived their parents to be at times too strict and then quite the opposite when they were generous. Such inconsistent behaviour is damaging to young children. A person then becomes confused about their self parenting skills and they too swing from one extreme to another. Until they find recovery, when they discover how to have serenity. Then developing a healthy relationship with self is the final outcome.

I struggled and struggled with my food cravings
and feelings of deprivation versus indulgence
attending self help programs and therapy
and participating in countless
personal development courses
I moaned and groaned about
my predicament as I explored my childhood
as well as being examined for biological reasons
no easy answer while I was in denial about
my willingness to resolve the issue
then one day after much dedication and
sitting with painful feelings
instead of suppressing them
I befriended my demons and
developed the relationship with self
now I feel free of cravings and deprivation
and food is just for nutrition not comfort