Wedding Ceremony Checklist

  • Decide on the type of wedding – religious or civil Breathtaking shot of single calla, photo taken by Lars Jensen, Shibuya, Japan, wedding plan
  • Civil: contact a celebrant no later than 1 month and 1 day before the wedding date
  • With the celebrant of your choice complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form
  • Together with the celebrant plan the type of ceremony you want
  • Choose the wedding vows which will be used – could be just the legal words or more
  • Choose the venue for the ceremony
  • Choose the wedding party (best man, bridesmaids, grooms men, witnesses (2)
  • Decide on and order the outfits to be worn by the bride, groom and wedding party
  • Music to be played – can be a musician friend playing a musical instrument
  • Decide on who will do a reading – this can have meaning
  • Arrange catering and the wedding cake
  • Ensure that the wedding ring or rings are ordered
  • Order the flowers
  • Choose at which shop to have a wedding register for people to purchase your gifts
  • Send out wedding invitations at least 8 weeks before the wedding, allowing for RSVPs
  • Arrange for the photography and filming of the wedding
  • Arrange transport for the bridal party and for those who do not have cars
  • Remember to purchase small gifts for the bridal party
  • Consider mementos to be given to the guests – may be sugar coated almonds in hankies
  • Choose where you will spend the honeymoon and make arrangements for this
  • Purchase going away outfits for after the reception, and for the honeymoon

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