Wedding presents

Wedding gifts, photo by Gary Scott, Cambridge, Canada, wedding wishesWhen two people get married, guests share the happy event by giving wedding presents. The size and expense depends on the giver’s budget and their closeness to the couple. Nowadays, in this country, the couple chooses a store where they set up a register and the guests can go and buy whatever items the couple want. The purchasing process is made easier that way and duplications are avoided.

as we discussed their wedding plans
the bride mentioned that they had
even chosen the store for the register
and it was one which had a variety of prices
so that the wedding presents could even
be bought for a reasonable price
this was especially good because their guests
varied in financial circumstances so that
some could afford expensive presents
and others could not
this was a smart choice

Pets at your wedding

Marriage dog, photo by Michael Ruck, Bonn Germany, like familyPets are part of the family in many cases. So at one of the most important ceremonies of your life it can be vital to have your pet present. When you have a civil marriage ceremony that is possible. You not only choose the type of ceremony you will have, the place it will take place but also having your pet with you as part of that special day with the people you love most.

they had been living together for several years
and now it was time to celebrate their union
with a wedding ceremony which included
family, close friends and their pet who
was like family to them
it was such a rich day because
they could have their celebration
exactly how they wanted and
in their favourite park
with their loved ones sharing it
especially with their loved pet

Marriage dog, photo by Michael Ruck, Bonn Germany

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

  • Decide on the type of wedding – religious or civil Breathtaking shot of single calla, photo taken by Lars Jensen, Shibuya, Japan, wedding plan
  • Civil: contact a celebrant no later than 1 month and 1 day before the wedding date
  • With the celebrant of your choice complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form
  • Together with the celebrant plan the type of ceremony you want
  • Choose the wedding vows which will be used – could be just the legal words or more
  • Choose the venue for the ceremony
  • Choose the wedding party (best man, bridesmaids, grooms men, witnesses (2)
  • Decide on and order the outfits to be worn by the bride, groom and wedding party
  • Music to be played – can be a musician friend playing a musical instrument
  • Decide on who will do a reading – this can have meaning
  • Arrange catering and the wedding cake
  • Ensure that the wedding ring or rings are ordered
  • Order the flowers
  • Choose at which shop to have a wedding register for people to purchase your gifts
  • Send out wedding invitations at least 8 weeks before the wedding, allowing for RSVPs
  • Arrange for the photography and filming of the wedding
  • Arrange transport for the bridal party and for those who do not have cars
  • Remember to purchase small gifts for the bridal party
  • Consider mementos to be given to the guests – may be sugar coated almonds in hankies
  • Choose where you will spend the honeymoon and make arrangements for this
  • Purchase going away outfits for after the reception, and for the honeymoon

Successful wedding

the kiss, photo by Noelle Franzen, Carlsbad, United States, bride and groomAnyone who has lived through a wedding will know the stress that can take place. However, there are moments that are blissful too. Choosing the venue, the outfits, the catering, the dance music, and the wedding party. Of course the festivities just before are a fun experience too. What fuels the whole process, so that it does not collapse, is the love the bride and groom have for each other. This love can overcome all sorts of hassles in order to have a successful wedding. When everyone looks back on the event through the photographs, they forget those moments of stress and eventually only remember how wonderful it was.

oh what a commotion it was
the in-laws disagreed about almost everything
it was going to cost more than was planned
but the wedding was in the Royal Botanic Gardens
overlooking the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House
the weather was fantastic
the outfits were perfect
the bride and groom had the freedom
to choose what they wished to do
for one of the most important days of their lives
the celebration was on a reception boat in the harbour
and everything made it a successful wedding
to remember for the rest of their lives

the kiss, photo by Noelle Franzen, Carlsbad, United States,