90 meetings in 90 days

Chairs 1, photo by Anka Draganski,  London United Kingdom, http://www.fofiles.co.uk, 12 Step meetingsRegardless of which addiction we are afflicted with, a trusted and true recovery method has been to go to 90 meetings in 90 days with a willingness to abstain. Just getting to sit in 12 Step meetings, until the message gets through to your subconscious, is the key. As you sit with the feelings that were the reason you needed to self medicate, you own them as being your feelings which releases the fear about them, then you can relax. Relaxation brings us peace in our inner turmoil. The other powerful influence of attending meetings is that when we identify with others’ experiences they model solutions for us and “monkey see monkey do”. If we don’t do 90 in 90 then at least 3 meetings a week are absolutely necessary.

he told his therapist that he was
really pissed off with her because she
set homework for him to attend
7 meetings a week with other tasks
such as writing, reading, walking and
affirmations on a daily basis
a therapist himself, he felt he lived
the program and 1 meeting a week
would be sufficient, however
he surrendered and was amazed
that this meant he had needed to
let go of the control that had been
ruining his recovery
and it worked
a proven remedy

3 thoughts on “90 meetings in 90 days”

  1. There is no 90 and 90 at all in AA anywhere. This type of nonsense was added by an outside group with their owne agenda in mind. The other issue is members of AA that don’t take the time to confirm things before they just fire it out of their mouths and passing along potentually fatal information. A great deal of missinformation continues to flood into the rooms as well as
    sponsorship. If “awake” members don’t curb this we will eventually go the way of the Washintonians.

  2. Being told 90 in 90 nearly killed me….with out the rest of The AA program. Strong messages get watered down and this one (90 in 90) was changed to 90 in 90 then start writing on the steps. Well after 18 months of Meetings and no real step work I was drinking and drugging. 3 1/2 years of my life was wasted by watered down messages and weak sponsorship.

  3. 90 meeting in 90 days is not found in the Big Book, so where did it come from?

    Men with men and women with women: Is this another rehab thing?
    First 100 to recover were man and women, they have had to sponsor each other right ?

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