Wedding accessories

Wedding abstract, photo by Justyna Furmanczyk, Rotterdam, Netherlands, artistic touchOne of the wedding accessories that gives a special touch is sugar coated almonds in a container or wrapped in net. The Greeks and Italians use these and call them bombonieres (Greek). This is symbolic of fertility for the couple and the bombonieres are given out to the guests to take away and eat. Quite a lovely touch to any wedding ceremony and easy to make. I personally love them to look at and to eat! As a marriage celebrant I recommend this for that special touch.

I went with a couple who were planning their wedding
to a shop that makes these bombonieres
such quaint wedding accessories
as I was to be their marriage celebrant and
of Greek background this was a pleasure
we saw different little containers to choose from
for the sugar coated almonds to be placed in
they also had some attractive hankies or tule
which the almonds can be wrapped in
that worked out perfectly and was more
economical for their purposes

Loves me, loves me not

Daisy, photo by Allison Choppick, Toronto, Canada, true loveSo many people rely on their partner to constantly reassure them that they are loved. Having your significant other express their love for you is great, but to depend on that can only take its toll on you and your partner. It’s much like living in the fantasy of plucking a daisy and counting the petals with the chant “loves me, loves me not” to find out if you’re loved or not. It is far better to love yourself first and believe that others love you, than the other way around.

if you have ever plucked a daisy in your youth
saying “loves me, loves me not”
you will remember the disappointment
when after mutilating the poor daisy
you reach “loves me not” and your
heart plunges in the depths of despair
or if the outcome was “loves me”
and the feeling was that
you didn’t believe it
then that didn’t feel good either
maybe you experienced
feeling insatiable and wanting
to pluck another poor daisy again!
really it’s about
not feeling lovable to begin with
and therefore many of us have given
into the curiosity of plucking
the poor daisy!

Daisy, photo by Allison Choppick, Toronto, Canada, true love

Exercise is a necessity

Walking dummy, photo by anonymous, Nea Smyrni, Greece, easy movementStudies have shown that people suffering from diabetes can lower their sugar count by exercise and weight loss. Most people who are overweight find it difficult to exercise. Nevertheless, exercise is a necessity to all people. Walking is a gentle effective form of exercise.

she complained to me about
being asked by her doctor to
exercise regularly, even just walking
and I explained that
exercise is a necessity to
physical and mental health
she promised to begin by
walking short distances
and then perhaps
increase that bit by bit
before she saw me next time
I think that is an excellent beginning

Addiction is lying

cat 1, photo by, Jo„o EstÍv„o A. de Freitas, Santa Cruz, Portugal,  look insideA main symptom of addiction is lying. Lying to yourself (denial) and lying to others. ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’, that’s how the expression goes and it’s real. When addicts lie they believe that others can’t tell that they are not telling the truth. That is why it is important to communicate what we see to an addict instead of being too embarrassed to say that they look stoned, drunk or that they seem to be concealing something. The best way to do that is to say that their eyes are giving the game away and then let go of the outcome. In other words, don’t expect an addict to own up straight off. Instead say what you see and feel, and then be prepared to walk away rather than argue the point.

I was running a halfway house meeting
for men in recovery from drug addiction
one of the guys came late and made a feeble excuse
and his behaviour was suspicious
I felt uncomfortable and so I asked him
what he had used?
he denied it vehemently
addiction is lying
I then repeated my question, unemotionally
and he owned up that he had used codeine
saying that usually he got away with his lies
I then offered to take him to a detox unit
as the house rule stipulated so that
he would be given one more chance
to come back
I had trusted my gut feeling and
he gave up the lie
it’s as simple as that!

Wedding car

Wedding 1, photo by apa matushowie, rtyreyrety,  Algeria, dream come  trueWhether it is an extravagant wedding or one on a low budget, having a wedding car for the event can be dreamlike. Sometimes the car that you know you will not ever be able to own can make such a difference to have for that special day. It is also not as expensive as it may sound. Search around and you’ll see that it’s possible to get the wedding car of your dreams.

she had that sparkle in her eyes as
they spoke about their wedding plans
it was so exciting and she hesitated
as we discussed the transport
then he clarified the situation by
mentioning that they both had
wished for the wedding car to
be something elegant
but they were afraid of the cost
I mentioned that there’s not
much difference in the price
but rather it depends on finding
the company that uses the
wedding car that they like
so they went away to search
for their heart’s desire

Relationship dance

Light dance 2, photo by Audrey Johnson, United States, healthy loveResearch has shown that in a roomful of people we unconsciously choose a person who will do a relationship dance with us which suites our present need. That need can be healthy or not, a happy one or full of misery – depending on our self esteem level. There may be unfinished business with our parents and we choose someone to be attracted to who will give us the opportunity to resolve those issues.

Although we know that it’s not good to
fall in love with someone who reminds us
of one of our parents, nevertheless,
it happens so often unknowingly
the relationship dance that follows
can make us or break us
all in the name of being in love
her first husband reminded her of
her charismatic neurotic mother
whilst her second husband reminded her
of her gentle dignified father
neither marriages turned out
no wonder, but she resolved many issues
and said that perhaps her third marriage
will have a better outcome

Power of Music

Pure Music 1, photo by sanja gjenero, Zagreb, Croatia,, mood managementThe power of music can be easily overlooked. Notice which songs or tunes grab your heartstrings – varies with your mood doesn’t it? When we are in a good mood, happy songs complement our mood. When we feel unhappy, songs that are sad and almost like crying make us feel supported in that mood. When we are happy, hearing sad songs can be annoying. Residents of institutions, recovering from mental illness, can become more settled in their mood if classical music is playing. Research showed that monks listening to baroque music became more productive, similarly monks who chanted had the same productive outcome. Sometimes when I’m listening to sad music I can feel myself crying inside and at other times I feel impatient and need to change the music to something unemotional or perhaps classical. Music also helps me to be more aware of ‘where I’m at’.

when I ran halfway houses for people
recovering from addictions or
residential homes for wards of the state
it was apparent that
the music playing in the house
affected their moods
so I recommended that they avoid
as much as possible
heavy metal or loud thumping music
and this not only made a huge difference
to their inner peace and wellbeing
but also helped them feel more empowered
choosing to listen to such music in
shorter spurts and at
more appropriate times
for them and everybody else