Visitor weddings

Married, photo by Crystal Leigh Shearin, Rocky Mount, United StatesI promised to let you know why some visitors to Australia come here to get married because it is not possible to marry in their own country. I also wrote that as I was not exactly sure why this was the case I would wait for the next such wedding and then after more research I would let you know the facts. The reason is quite simple really. In a country where there is a main religion, the partner who is not of that religion needs to change to the religion of the land for a marriage to take place in the church. Here in our country inter-religious marriages have become easier in some cases. Back to the case of marriages in countries outside Australia – when a couple wished to have a civil marriage in such a country, red tape can take so long that it becomes thwarting. So couples visit other countries, bring back the formal documentation which is then recognised and registered in their own country.

I conducted a wedding for a couple from overseas where in their country it was
difficult to have a wedding due to his different religion
so once they lodged the notice of intended marriage in the due time
they flew over and I conducted their marriage in the Royal Botanic Gardens
with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the background
it was a delight and the photographer took some impressive pictures
he then took them to other attractive scenic spots where
more pictures were taken, finishing off in their hotel lobby
the couple then flew off to Fiji for their honeymoon…
a marriage to remember

Married, photo by Crystal Leigh Shearin, Rocky Mount, United States

Botanic Gardens weddings

385868_wedding_day_5.jpgMrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens is a popular choice for weddings. Such beauty and romance magically touches a wedding. A picture to see under the huge trees with the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the background, on glistening harbour waters. A sight to remember, as can be seen in the photo in the celebrant section on this site.Other bridal parties have their ceremonies elsewhere and go there to have the wedding photos in the beautiful surroundings with its ambiance.

they met on a business trip to her country
and it was like being zapped by a bolt of lightening
for many years they lived happily together, then one day
they decided it was time to celebrate their happiness
when they saw the wedding photo with the
Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge
they were convinced that this was the ideal spot
a Botanic Gardens wedding meant romantic memories
both for the wedding party and for those living overseas
who could not travel to Sydney for the celebration


Kissing spot, photo by Yarik Mission, Chelyabinsk, Russia, lovers holidayWhen lovers begin their lives together as a married couple they go through a sentimental process. They plan their wedding vows, the location of the event, outfits, food, choosing who will be their celebrant, and more. Another aspect of this union is the honeymoon, and this is an important memory for the couple. Whether it’s an expensive honeymoon or not, the couple would do well to ensure that this takes place. Everything that happens to celebrate your wedding creates the memories you will keep all your life. People who place little importance on the honeymoon have lived to regret not going even to somewhere simple. This means whenever they remember their wedding they are perpetually explaining why they didn’t go on a honeymoon. This can be somewhat boring after a while and can also leave an unacceptable memory about the event.

he felt that the wedding was expensive enough
and he couldn’t take enough time off from work
so they weren’t having a honeymoon until next year
I noticed the look on her face as he said this
and I suggested that it wouldn’t be a good idea
to completely do without a honeymoon now
they at least could make it a long weekend
somewhere nearby and not expensive
where they could treasure this moment
and remember it for the rest of their lives?
they visited me after their honeymoon
to say that it was the best thing they had done
as they relaxed and enjoyed their time together
giving them great memories and photos

Blueprint for your ideal relationship

Tourists checking a map, photo by Jorc Navarro, Barcelona, Spain, planning relationshipsBlueprints are commonly used for important productions, everything from buildings to machinery to gardens and so on. Otherwise known as plans and/or designs, it’s not unusual for people to expect this for successful outcomes. It is easy to have a fulfilling relationship if you are both willing to make a blueprint for your ideal relationship. It means planning at the beginning of the relationship what you want and what you don’t want in your life together. Then making an agreement to go to any lengths to resolve conflict early before it contaminates everything and to nurture your loving relationship. Maintenance is what we do to keep a beautiful garden, or home or car and it’s also what we need to do for our relationships.

they met through a mutual friend and
their relationship strengthened day by day
when he proposed she was not surprised
although they seemed in agreement about
the type of lifestyle they valued
they worked out what was
acceptable and what wasn’t
and how to sort out conflict
a blueprint for their ideal relationship
and it’s paid off because they’ve
had a healthy balance in their relationship
of being friends and lovers
and this has lasted many years
through the ups and downs of life

Love and marriage

Lovers, photo by Sundar Chinnusamy, Erode,  India,, wedding vowsWhen two people become lovers and they enjoy mutual interests, the next step could be marriage. Love and marriage, a fulfilling combination which many dream of and some achieve. There are lovers who plan their wedding to be a spectacular event and others who want something simple but with lots of meaning which they share with family and close friends. What’s important is that they choose the celebration that will help them remember the day as special.

they came to me because they had attended
their friends’ ceremony at which I was the celebrant
and they too wanted a simple but meaningful wedding
they chose the Rose Garden in the Botanic Gardens
it was a sunny day with birds singing
and the flowers in full bloom
the bride, groom and guests were in smart casual
and everyone had a great time
making it a day to remember

Pets at your wedding

Marriage dog, photo by Michael Ruck, Bonn Germany, like familyPets are part of the family in many cases. So at one of the most important ceremonies of your life it can be vital to have your pet present. When you have a civil marriage ceremony that is possible. You not only choose the type of ceremony you will have, the place it will take place but also having your pet with you as part of that special day with the people you love most.

they had been living together for several years
and now it was time to celebrate their union
with a wedding ceremony which included
family, close friends and their pet who
was like family to them
it was such a rich day because
they could have their celebration
exactly how they wanted and
in their favourite park
with their loved ones sharing it
especially with their loved pet

Marriage dog, photo by Michael Ruck, Bonn Germany

Syron bush wedding

our bush wedding, Elaine Kitchener and Gordon Syron, on SBS 2/11/06Choosing the place to celebrate a marriage is possible when you have a celebrant flexible enough to go wherever you want. I’ve mentioned before that I’ve conducted weddings in the most interesting places – in Sydney on land, on a beach, on the harbour and out in the country, in the bush. The place needs to have meaning for the marriage to be memorable for you. It need not be difficult nor expensive for the location of choice. Then again, sometimes, it does involve a bit of organising and expense, depending on your needs.

SBS showed the Syron bush wedding
which took place at Wilcannia
where originally Elaine Kitchener and Gordon Syron
had discovered their love and where they had
their bush wedding in November 2004
they flew me to Broken Hill and
after a 2 hour drive I joined them
and finally planned their ceremony
which took place on the banks of the Darling River
where the bride carried a bouquet of
Australian wild flowers and they
exchanged their vows that were
based on his Aboriginal culture
and her Jewish custom of
the groom stomping on a glass
wrapped in a hanky on the ground
the weather was perfect
and nature’s playground
was breathtaking

Wedding cake

Pink  Butterflies, photo on French Patisserie website, gourmet  delightWhen you are planning a wedding, whether you have an elegant cake or a simple creation, a wedding cake provides the romantic touch to a celebration. It is best to research and find a caterer who can make the type of wedding cake that you like and at a price you can afford. For example, a Croquembouche – the authentic French wedding cake made up of profita rolls stuck together with toffee and decorated by ribbons.

they came to see me about their marriage
my part as a celebrant was easy but
there was conflict over the celebration
as the bride wanted an elegant wedding
but the groom was concerned about the cost
I helped them to find creative solutions
to make their day special and memorable
and their wedding cake was vital to this

Marriage enhanced by the Opera House

So many people enjoy the opportunity to get married with the Opera House in the background. That makes such a beautiful picture – marriage enhanced by the Opera House. The most important celebration of a couple’s life deserves one of the best backgrounds in the world. Check out the truly beautiful picture in my Celebrant heading under Info.